Selah {Newborn}

If I could say how excited I am about having had the opportunity to take baby Selah’s photos, I don’t think I would have the words to describe it. She is such a little stunner! She is the most precious little girl.
She behaved so well too. You only heard a peep from her when she was hungry. She was a trooper!

We had a pretty, natural light setting with an array of different things we used, such as babies breath (which I love!), handmade headbands and arrows, teepee, woods and the best accessory of all, her beautiful siblings.

Let me just take a moment to recognize mom, Lirio, here. She knew what she was looking for and came ready! She made these amazing arrows we used in the photos, as well as the Indian headbands Selah & her sister wore & the 20’s, Gatsby inspired feather headband. I mean, how cute are those? So happy to have been able to work with her. She is a woman of amazing talent! Be sure to follow her on Instagram and all the fantastic jewelry and other handcrafted items she makes!

Older Sister and Brother, Adonia & Max, are beautiful kids. We couldn’t leave them out either. They did so well with their sister. I must admit, it was so cute to see them work with her behind the scenes. You can see they love her so much!

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!

  • Lirio Andrejcisk Drayton

    I couldn’t be more happy with how these photos came out. Thank you so much Neidy. You have such an amazing gift!